Just like it says above, this is a little blurb about me. I have an entire horde of corgis. How many is a horde, you ask? Well. Enough to bring you down, and hopefully some zombies afterwards. You see, corgis may be short, but they hit below the belt. Literally. You can probably also tell that I have a small liking for zombies. It’s true, plus all sorts of other things that get featured on the Syfy channel. Sharktopus? Hell yeah. Piranhaconda? Absolutely. The list could go on a while, so I’ll spare you. I also am a self admitted book hoarder. I probably need meds, but where’s the fun in that? And when all of that is taken care of and the dog hair is cleared away, I do enjoy a bit of craftiness in the form of knitting.



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