Spring, Allergies, and Baby Monsters


Some jasmine that has miraculously survived more than a couple of winters under my “care”.

Well, it looks like Spring is finally here. I love the temperamental bitch, even though she makes my eyes glue themselves shut, my nose alternately run and stop up, and then there’s the headaches. Oh gods, the headaches. But despite all this she makes me smile. At least when I’m heavily medicated. That reminds me; I need more meds.


baby cacti sprouting off of mom

Yes, everybody in Texas has a potted cactus. It’s the law. I love when the little baby cacti sprout off of “Mom”. It reminds me of some parasitic monster that belongs in a Syfy movie or maybe Sigmund the Sea Monster.

A Zombie Horde

Zombies. I get asked all the time why I love zombie stories. What’s not to love about zombies? They are a lot like us actually. They are the quintessential mindless horde. Not unlike ourselves on any given day of the week, plodding along to a job to pay the bills. They are just trying to stay “alive”, once again, not unlike ourselves. They need brains and entrails; we need cheap fast food and caffeine. So why do we hate them so much? What really is so terrifying about zombies? Perhaps that is the problem. They are too much like us. Is that what scares us? When we look at a zombie, is it really ourselves that looks back at us? All of the time that we’ve wasted in mindless pursuits? All of the gluttony? I’m sure you’re familiar with the “I want it all, and I want it now” mentality, with no regard for the future. We are all guilty of it. Not a single one of us can honestly say we put tomorrow’s well-being over the “right now” every day of the week. Is this the niggling little worry in the back of our brains that makes us afraid? The realization that we are really the most terrifying zombie of all. We are the mindless horde with an insatiable hunger. We are the monster that will devour us whole. No silver, garlic, or holy water will stop us. Just one little thing will do the trick. Destroy the brain, destroy the monster. Destroy the ego, destroy the monster. Perhaps that is the warning our inner self is trying to give us: Wake up now, or this may be your future.